Target your performance campaigns for conversions

AI for Ad Optimization

Eliminate manual processes with an automated AI-powered optimization system constantly analyzing and improving. Win from optimizations on both individual ads and overall campaigns and boost your conversion rates.

Fraud Mitigation

Protect yourself with our resilient security system, trained on millions of monthly impressions. At LamaAd, we hand-pick only high-quality end publishers and supply-side aggregators to empower your campaigns with bot-free and legitimate traffic.

Self-Service Platform

Discover an intuitive Self-Service Platform with effective tools to launch, duplicate, scale and analyse your campaigns. Gather valuable data about your performance campaigns in alternative advertising. Win from easy-to-use ad creator, traffic estimator and real-time reporting system.

Effective alternative

Grow your reach with effective alternative ad formats

Push Notification Ads

Deliver your message directly to user's devices, whenever you wish. Tell users about your brand and offer.

Send thousands of messages to users, just within minutes. Super-target users based on specific events, user activity and freshness. Do multi-level split-tests to discover the best performers.

Popunder ads

Use popunder ads to empower your growth plan. "Pops" assure wide reach and low cost. LamaAd offers unique inventories across both new and established publishers, so that you generate more visits and conversions fast.

Native ads

Native ads organically mingle with relevant web content, blurring lines between advertising and content marketing. Present your brand story, business case or in-depth comparison guide, drawing interested users and attracting them to your offer.

Context Ads

LamaAd makes it easy to optimize your targeted campaigns in Google AdWords, Yandex Direct and Bing Ads, with just a couple of clicks by you. Leverage this source to win over the highest-converting traffic, mix target with push, pops and native to set up versatile and broad-based campaigns.

Let’s Start

Grab more conversions with LamaAd

Learn the ropes fast. LamaAd offers an easy-to-navigate campaign creator, automated optimization process and an effective tester kit for multiple creatives.

LamaAd offers the right-fit performance capabilities for each customer category

Experiment with tools and innovative campaign formats, learning winning source combinations


Launch campaigns within minutes. Optimize and scale fast. Draw highly-converting traffic, whatever your vertical or niche are.

Direct Customers

Seat back and enjoy a full-cycle managed service growing your brand recognition. Widen and deepen your reach, start talking to new target audiences.

Advertising Agencies

Integrate our capabilities to beef up your adtech stack. Discover new prospects for your customers cost-effectively.

Ad Networks

Gain exposure to push, popunder and native sources. Integrate easily via XML/RTB.