What's so special about LamaAd?

LamaAd is a leading popunder platform globally. Through our collaboration with numerous affilliates and advertisers, we've been at the forefront in popunders, helping open it up for wider use across all verticals and segments. Today, we proudly offer a robust suite of sources, including push, popunder, native and direct.

Publishers and advertisers our Self-Service Platform thanks to highly intuitive UI, smooth processes and a full range of functions they might need. Using LamaAd, you'll find yourself within a self-sufficient universe, easily tapping into novel and profitable traffic sources. The embeded AI system helps us deliver valuable insights and keep innovating our way to competitive edge.

Our role and values

We see how adtech helps businesses find new target audiences, pivot and segment their offerings. It's this feedback that businesses need so much in order to keep relevant and popular.

Our role is to help your business optimize based on the insights you receive from using alternative sources of traffic. Working together, we'll experiment our way into lucrative strategies, discovering attractive sales channels and higher revenues.

We promote and implement the 5 core values we've crystallized over the years. These are Transparency, Customer Focus, Consistent Optimization, AI Use, and Versatility.

Phrases for the picture - Transparency, Customer Focus, Consistent Optimization, AI Use, and Versatility.

What are the key benefits we deliver to performance marketers and publishers?

Honesty and trust

In our collaboration, we always act in an honest and trustworthy manner. You can always rely on us, turn for clarifications on hard questions and strategies in complex situations.

Drive to earn more, together

We always seek to help you discover new and powerful growth drivers. We leverage our experience and insights, energizing your efforts.


We are always transparent with our customers. At LamaAd, you enjoy high-granularity reporting at your fingertips, real-time updates for in-depth insights and timely pivots.

Pursuit of constant innovation

We constantly face situtions with no ready-to-use solutions and techniques. This is when we feel urged to innovate and launch new tech from scratch. As a result, you know that your adtech provider is in constant pursuit of innovation and relevance.