Benefits from Self-Service Platform

Campaign with LamaAd in a smart way, make data-driven decisions

Launch fast and scale up easy

Streamline your internal processes and eliminate routine. Create multiple campaigns with the bulk creator, empower your decisions with the traffic estimator.

Monitor and Optimize

Fine-tune targeting and campaign settings at any time, as you go. Adjust budgets and traffic projections. Split-test with multiple creatives to discover high-performers.

Power Decisions with Data

Leverage in-depth statistics for key indicators and make data-driven decisions. Cut out guessing game and experiment safely.

Reach diverse audiences

Connect with diverse audiences. Find new angles and approaches. Take your campaign global across the rich suite of geos.

LamaAd makes campaigning easy and effective

Access the tools you need for effective desktop/mobile performance campaigning across geos and verticals

Campaigning Tools

Streamline campaign creation with an intuitive campaign builder. Duplicate and split-test campaigns, adjusting targeting, placement and settings easily. Schedule and manage budgets in just a few clicks.

Use the real-time traffic estimator to adjust targeting and bidding, changing the ad's reach with ease.

Manage your spend effectively with the help of daily and total budgets.

Targeting Tools

  • GEOs
  • User Activity
  • Device and Connection Variations
  • Operating Systems
  • Day Partying
  • Browser and Language
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Frequency Caps
  • Reporting tools

    Observe your ad's behavior in real time. Receive clear and actionable insights to make correct decisions.

    Discover in-depth data for individual ads and overall campaigns. Identify positive dynamics and outliers on the spot, pivoting creatives and targeting solutions. Compare clicks, impressions and other metrics to grow click-through and conversion rates.

    Tracking Tools

    Track campaigns effectively, clearly identifying best-performing channels for ROI and conversions, so that you can double-down on sure wins.

    Leverage a robust set of tracking tools to trace all compaigns in one place. See a wholistic picture for your alternative advertising strategy.

    Big business? Use our managed service to delegate your media buying to professionals

    Focus on what matters most: your core business. Leave hard work of media buying to our superb managed service. Hire our professional media buyers and leverage their practical skills, personal contacts and extensive experience in alternative. Use our confidential whitelists and blacklists: filter good publishers at once and at zero cost.

    At LamaAd, you work with a supportive media buyer who has a proven record in alternative advertising. They'll take lead in developing your campaigns and creatives, split-testing toward optimal conversion rates. Your dedicated manager always tracks reporting and monitoring, making minor incremental tweaks for sustainable performance in the long term.

    Diversify your lead generation via alternative ad formats

    Tap into new lead pools and find unique fits between our sales channels and your business needs. Prevent costly experiments and blind trial-and-error. Test smart from day one with LamaAd! s